my sister is a princess

For anyone who has seen the movie Frozen, you'll understand these pictures. For anyone who hasn't, you're missing out.


I watched it with Cami a few weeks ago and she's been walking around the house belting out Let It Go and Do You Want To Build A Snowman ever since, so when she pulled out her blue princess dress, I naturally suggested an Elsa photo shoot. She loved the idea.

She did all her own poses. I gave no instruction other than tell her where to go.

I'd also like to point out that I was wearing a hoodie, jacket, boots, mittens, etc. while taking these. But she insisted that Elsa does not wear a jacket and that the cold doesn't bother her anyway.

Cami sat behind me at the computer while I worked on this one. She told me when I needed to add more 'magic' and so on. I loved it.

Now Cami keeps telling me that she thought of more Elsa poses and that we need to do another photo shoot. We'll have to see about that.


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