kensington farm

I brought a few of the kids to the farm the other weekend. Tad had just taken a field trip there and Cami and Jay wanted to see all the baby animals he's been talking about.

I know this one isn't technically a great picture, but I just love Cami's expression. More and more often I catch glimpes of the girl she's growing up to be, so I love how this picture captures her childhood innocence. I don't remember exactly what she ways saying, but it was something along the lines of "Sara, did you see...!"

I have a picture similar to this that I took at this same spot last year. But in that one, Cami is further from the fence; more nervous and tentitive. It's so cool to see the change.

On the way home Jay tried to tell me that since he had "a million dollars" we should stop at McDonald's on the way home. He assured me that he would pay me back. We compromised with Wendy's frosties at the park and I have yet to see the money from him.


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