small town Minnesota

The summer before junior year. Had my brother not been working out in North Dakota, it wouldn't have been a big deal that he was going to be in Minnesota that particular weekend. Had he not been going there, my dad and I wouldn't have made the trip from home to the UP to Minnesota, arriving at 8 in the morning. Had I not slept all day after being up all night, I would have been out and about with the family rather than sitting on my cousins front porch that evening. Had those girls known my cousin wouldn't be home, they wouldn't have pulled into the drive as I sat outside. And had that moment not happened, we never would have had that incredibly awkward introduction that would lead to a crazy awesome friendship that I can't imagine not having.

Earlier this month, almost two years after we first met, I made a trip back to small town Minnesota for my cousins wedding. These pictures are from then.


Each time I go back, I meet more and more awesome people. From left to right, Laura, Kirsten, Dana, Abbey, Jessalyn, and me. Laura and Dana are sisters. Kirsten is my first cousin. Abbey is a very talented photographer. All of these girls are awesome people and so much fun to be around.

We just have one of those be-yourself-because-we're-all-dorks-here kind of friendships that everyone around looks at like what on earth. We think that everyone is secretely jealous.

And the rest of these are just my pictures. When I tell people that I love it here, they look at me like I'm insane. But I've never really been a city person, and there's just something about this small town that I've kinda fallen in love with.

It's funny how sometimes the best things in life sometimes come from spontaneous acts, and after the fact, you can't help but wonder if it was a mere coincidence or if that's how life was meant to happen. I can't imagine not knowing these people or not knowing this place.


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