farm session


One of my coworkers and I had talked for awhile about getting together to take pictures; her daughter wanted shots with her horse and her son wanted pictures with his cars. And I was itching to get out and play with my camera, so we finally made it happen!


I was watching the sky all day at work, as it looked like it was about to drop buckets of rain. But as I was leaving work to head over, the sky cleared, the sun came out, and with it, the bugs and humidity. Not ideal conditions by any means, but it was a challange, which always doubles as a learning opportunity.


The barn cats were my light and exposure testers as we walked out. They posed nicer for the camera than my siblings often do.

Abby and her horse, Lexi. I could have followed them with my camera all evening long. THIS is what I love about photography and candids and natural and lifestyle and in-the-moment. Beauty doesn't have to be posed.

These are the smiles that I love to get. The ones that aren't forced. The ones that were there before they were aware my camera was pointed in their direction. The ones that are on their faces because they're simply having a good time, not because the annoying photographer made them look and say cheese. The real ones.

And this stubborn one ran off to the corner and never left. I couldn't tell if it was a mocking look or a jealous look that was constantly being cast our way.

This is one of my personal favorites from the night. Abby is such a natural beauty.

And then we have Josh. He could tell you what cars and trucks these are, and everything about them. But don't bother asking me, I just know they look good and that's it. Cars are definitely not my thing. 

The harsh sun made things a little difficult. Especially with the vehicles that were immobile. There weren't many angles that worked well.

I loved the color of the rust in the sunlight though. I'm going to have to find someone to model in a junkyard for me someday(!?)

Thanks Josh and Abby!


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