i moved out

This whole growing up thing is a little weird for me. At times I feel like I'm way too young to be moving out and living alone. But then there are other times when everything just feels so right and I feel so ready to take on everything that's coming my way. But even when it does feel like everything is the way it's supposed to be, I still miss my home and my childhood. I still miss being a kid, running around with no responsibilities. I still miss all this...

...I miss the days when it was so hot and humid that we would all beg and beg for a pool, and Mom would reason that since we had the lake at the camp, the plastic pool and the water balloons and the sprinkler would work just as well. They were likely a lot more fun than a pool would have been.

...I miss the days when even work was play.When we thought that we had all the strength in the world. When even digging a rock out of our new backyard was a grand adventure.

...I miss seeing the world from only a few feet above ground level. When everything was so big and fascinating and magical, and even a walk across the road brought about a new adventure.

...I miss Dad's grilling. It's only been a few days but I miss it already, and I have a feeling I'll miss it for quite awhile.

...I miss when games and playing and having fun always came first. I miss when I could play with Lego's, even when there were boxes behind me that needed unpacking.

...I miss that first day of school excitement, and I know I'll have my own in a few days, but the first day of college isn't nearly as exciting as the first day of Kindergarten. I'm going to miss being thereĀ  for Cami and Jay's first days.

...I miss dress up and Halloween. I miss getting to be something I'm not, even for just a day.

...I miss the childhood winter's, when we'd make the biggest snow pile we could and play in the front yard for hours on end. I also know, come this winter, I'm really going to miss the day's when I was too young to have to shovel.

...As much as I don't want to admit it, I already miss sharing a room. I miss having people to talk to and laugh with before going to bed every night. Or maybe I just miss having an extra closet to take clothes from.

...I miss warm pajamas, Saturday night bath's, and clean sheet's that were tucked in so tight that it hurt my toes if I put my feet straight up.

...I miss Easter mornings, searching the house for the basket that the magic bunny hid around the house. I miss the amusement and excitement and entertainment that came with holiday mornings as a kid.

...I miss sitting on laps, being lulled into a fantasy world by a voice that was so perfect for telling stories.

...And there are so many more things that I'm going to miss. Next week I start classes at Michigan Tech. Not quite as exciting as when I started Elementary at Southeast, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless.

...Because Life is Life, and as often as we find ourselves turning around and staring at the past, reminiscing and missing all that we've had, we all have a future ahead of us. And I am so blessed to be able to turn 180 degrees and go from looking at my past with a smile, to looking at the future with that smile still there.


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