Al and Janet

Before I moved out I had a few sessions that I managed to squeeze in. This was one of them, but I have been so busy with school and processing other pictures, that I've fallen way behind on blogging. But I'm trying.


Al and Janet are my aunt and uncle, and their kids are both my first and second cousins, on opposite sides of the family. They're always such a fun bunch to be around, and I'm sure anyone who knows them will agree.

The boys; Luke and Lance.

And the girls; Erica, Gina, and Brenna.

I love families that can have fun. And if you want to read my rant about why I love these types of pictures, see my previous post :)

Lance, the High School Junior

And Gina, who still has a few years left.

Not sure which is the natural pose, this one or the following...

Thanks so much Al and Janet and everyone else! It's always so fun to spend an hour with such an entertaining group!


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