fall hike

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. So when my friends texted to say that they were going to hike up Mount Bohemia, I, naturally, set my unfinished homework aside and went with. I had been up to Bohemia this past winter to ski, and it was a beautiful view from the top in the dead of winter, so I figured it would be this time of year too when the leaves were starting to change. Granted, I didn’t have to hike up the hill in the winter, but the view this time of year was worth it.

I would WAY rather be getting my workout here on the hillside overlooking the water than in a gym surrounded by a bunch of sweaty bodies.

The way back down was almost just as difficult as going up. Rocks kept sliding out from under me, and I twisted my ankles often. But my camera survived, so it's all good!

As you can tell, I lagged behind. Most likely because I am way out of shape, but I'm going to say it's all because I stopped constantly to snap pictures. I think I have a thing for wildflowers. Even if they sometimes are technically weeds.

The evening and night were also gorgeous. A few girls came over for sauna swim, and when they left and it got dark, I experimented with my camera a bit. I had tried this the night before but got so cold that I gave up and went to bed, so while the night was perfect, I figured I'd give it another try. I set the tripod up on the dock, figuring that's where I'd get the clearest view of the North Star. I didn't think about how the waves would shake the camera, as you can see in the picture. I left the shutter open for a half hour (and for anyone interested, I had it at f3.5 and ISO 100.) And it ended up working out perfectly, because not only was it a gorgeous night to sit outside, but one of my long lost friends from Minnesota called to chat while I was waiting! So it was all around a perfect day :)

And the rest of the week is supposed to be just as beautiful, so let's hope that's the way it works out! Enjoy your week!


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