i love this place


I should be studying for my Biology exam tomorrow but eh. I'm going to do this instead. Because I think life isn't for just getting through, but it's for living. So I'm making time to do the things that I love.


In addition to my 'academic' classes at Tech, where I actually have to learn things, I made sure to fit in classes that I can take simply because I love them. I have a British Literature class so that I have to make time to read. And I love it. I have a Digital Images class so that I have to make time to take pictures. Which is so perfect. Because photography is my therapy. And this is the perfect place for it.

I am absolutely loving living here. I love the natural beauty of this place. I love that I live on the lake and can take the kayak out between classes. I love that I can do my homework out at the picnic table, watching the boats go by. I love waking up each morning and eating breakfast on the front step. I love that I find myself walking around campus, leaves falling down around me, smiling for no reason at all, other than the fact that Life is just so beautiful and I am just so blessed.


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