i miss these people

Since I have time on my hands for the first time in forever, and since I just realized that I never blogged these pictures, here's another post! Two days in a row!

This is our annual Christmas card/school picture photo shoot, which we did at the end of our road the weekend before I moved up.

The first one ended up being our Christmas card this year. We all get along sometimes.

Starting with the high schoolers. This is Andy, whose senior pictures I get to take this summer,


And Lars.

The middle schoolers: Tyler,

and Kaylin.

And the elementary kids: Arik,


And Cami.

And Jay, our adorable little brown eyed baby, who starts kindergarten this coming fall.

These two are growing up WAY too fast.

The three oldest boys, Trent, Hans, and Andy. I had nothing to do with these poses.

Megan, who's two and a half years younger than me. We're cuter than the boys.

And my insanely awesome parents. ♡

Have a great weekend all!


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