throwback to summer

It snowed last night. Which means that now I'm disappointed because the snow was melting. I amĀ  oh so ready for winter to be done and over with and for summer to be here; this wet and dreary spring weather has me so excited for green grass and wildflowers and long walks and random photoshoots like this one.

This is my sister Kaylin, and cousins Gina and Ali. They were all up here this past summer the same week that I was, so when they got bored one day and asked for a photoshoot, I jumped at the chance. Not only are these three gorgeous, they're also so much fun to be around. I think that one of the things that I really miss about living at home is hanging out with my sisters and their friends. Always laughing, smiling, and happy...

I think this picture is one of my new all time favorites. Laughter is just the best.

Gymnastics in the front yard is their summer hobby, and they were pretty pumped that they could make and infinity sign with their legs, so I'm showing it off for them :)

Hopefully the spring isn't too wet or too muddy or too long!


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    Christine (Monday, 30 March 2015 21:15)

    I guess we need to take her friends along when we're trying to get a school pic! She doesn't smile like that for us.....