Mackinac City

The weekend school ended, my cousin Brenna and I headed down to Mackinac City to meet our moms and sisters for a girls weekend. The weather wasn't exactly ideal, but we had a fun weekend exploring the few shops that were open, visiting the Graylon Zoo on US-2, swimming in the hotel pools, playing on the sand dunes, and just hanging out.

This was the first time visiting the zoo for all of us, and we weren't really sure what to expect. We had a good laugh when the first animal we saw was a goat in a pen labeled "ponies." Quite a few Yooper jokes followed that one.

I have somewhat mixed feelings about most zoos; I feel bad for the animals that were never created to be caged up for us humans to just look at, but at the same time, I do love seeing the ones that I would never see otherwise. That being said, I really liked this zoo and the more rustic, natural feel is has. Some would maybe describe it as run down, but I loved that the animals looked more in a natural habitat, and never did I feel unsafe.

This dog was in the cage with the bear, and while every visitor that walked past commented on the strangeness of the situation, the two seemed to think nothing of it.

Photographing animals is often similar to photographing children, which is my favorite. The constant motion and lack of direction following makes it difficult to get a posed picture, but it makes the candids that turn out that much more exciting. Add to it the challenge of shooting through the two layers of fence, and I could have stayed all day. You have no idea how excited I was about these next two shots.

Once the wolves were up and moving, I had to go back to them. I just love the challenge of getting real pictures.

The horse was having a very unfortunate hair day.

After the zoo we stopped along the lake to snack and play on the sand dunes.

This girl. Living nine hours away from here is not exactly my favorite thing.

All of the girls, minus the moms: Cami, Brenna, Gina, Megan, Kaylin, and myself

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!


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