sisters weekend

Growing up, I was always so jealous of my friends who had older sisters. They always seemed to know things that I didn't and went places that I couldn't. I often felt as if I was one step behind them, feeling my way through things without an older sister there in front of me to lead the way.


But as much as I wished I had an older sister, I've loved being one that much more. When I lived at home, I loved going out on girl days. Driving around, shopping, going out to eat; just spending time together. I loved having live-in friends to hang out, swap advice and opinions with, confide in, or, in Cami's case, just go snuggle with.


So when I moved up here, nine hours away from my three little sisters, one of my biggest disappointments was that I was going to miss out on all the sister stuff. Megan had her license, so now she could bring them wherever they wanted to go. They'd have their own girl days and make their own memories without me. To say the least, I was not at all excited for that to happen.


So this past weekend, when my brother texted me that he was coming up and had room if I wanted the girls to hop in, I said absolutely. Megan had to stay downstate to babysit the boys, and while I wished she had been able to come too, I was ecstatic that Kaylin and Cami made the trip and spent the weekend with me. No parents or rules or bedtimes, just sisters and sleepovers and adventures. We had a picnic at Hungarian Falls and crossed "stand under a waterfall" off Kaylin's bucket list. We went out to Big Traverse and played in the sand. We went sauna swimming two nights. We made a campfire and ate way to many s'mores. We stopped at Dairy Queen and Chutes and Ladders, which were on Cami's list for the weekend, as well as Applebee's, which was on Kaylin's. We sat on the swing in the front yard and talked about random things, thought, and talked some more. I loved every minute of it.

Tomorrow the whole family heads up for a week and then in July, they're planning on a month. I'm beyond excited for a summer of adventures. After all, I have the last 9 months of living apart to make up for.


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    Liz PIetila (Saturday, 05 September 2015 10:11)

    Love these pictures, Sara....