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It's been awhile. And I apologize for that. But at the same time I don't, because I feel I have good reason.


And my reason is this. I live at my family's camp (cottage/cabin/whatever you want to call it) year round, and the family comes up in the summer. And a camp isn't really a camp if it has wifi, so I disconnected it as soon as the school year ended. That way, when the family came up for a week St. John's time and then for four weeks between July and August, nobody was sitting around on their ipods. Everyone stayed busy swimming, fishing, reading, laying in the sun, biking, hitting golf balls into the lake, playing basketball, and so on and so forth. And, I took a few pictures.


But now that the family has all gone home, and school is starting up again, the internet has been reconnected. So, between school and work and homework and editing the pictures from the three weddings I just second shot(!!!) and the few senior sessions I did, I'm going to try to blog some of the pictures from my summer. In as many posts as it takes me. Bear with me, it's likely to be slow going. But I'll try.


These first few pictures are from St. John's time. The family was up for the week and we had cousins staying at my Grandma's next door, so there was plenty of activity all week long.

I had to get a few pictures of the slightly redneck way the kids started fishing. They caught crayfish from under the rocks in the shallow, took a few feet of fishing line and a hook, used the crayfish for bait, and then went and found the fish. It was funny to watch them duck their heads in the water and watch through their goggles as the fish would bite, but they ended up catching quite a few!

This one was fun. The cute little neighbor boys were on the dock fishing, and their sisters were in the peddle boat by the dock. As soon as the boys caught a fish, rather than taking it off the hook and letting it back into the water, they cast the fish into the middle of the peddle boat, causing the girls to scream and all but bail out. Oh, was it funny! They couldn't get their boat away fast enough!

This series is from the first week of the month the family spent up here. They brought the boat up with them, so naturally, I brought my camera the first time the tube came out. These pictures are oh so fun to take. The expressions of the kids on the tube are always either hilariously scared or the perfect picture of summer happiness. And getting the pictures, with the tube moving and the boat moving, is always a fun challenge for me.

Cami's a bit of a daredevil, I think she enjoys this so much more than any of the rest of us did at her age.

So glad I snapped this picture from the boat. Our camp (insert sentimental heart here.) Yes, there are toys scattered around the yard and towels thrown over railings. But there are also kids playing and friends visiting and so many people soaking in summer. This is what summer looks like, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

The dads and boys went out fishing on the big lake one of the mornings. It's always a big deal when they get back to the camp with catches like these. And these are always the pictures they love to take to back to school for projects about what they did over the summer.

And then, in the middle of our four months, some friends from Minnesota came and stayed a little ways down from us. There's an old railroad track-turned-jogging trail that runs along the lake, and the kids were back and forth all week long. Every day when I got home from work they'd ask if I could take them to the train bridge in Chassell (because older sisters are more into that kind of thing than moms are), and one day it finally worked out. So we all piled into the big van and headed there. I spent most of the time taking pictures on my camera and videos on their ipods for them.

We've always had a trampoline in our yard, and whether they're talented or just stupid, I don't know, but the kids can do all sorts of tricks that I would never attempt. Apparently they do them off of bridges as well? Maybe this is why they wanted me to take them instead of having the moms!

Back row: Tyler, Aimee, Sam, and Lars. Front row: Annie, Kaylin, Gina, Amanda, Laura, Julia, and Arik. I'm sure they're all beyond excited to be going back to school this week!

Stay tuned for part two!


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