summer: part three

fourth of july

Grand Haven is a pretty popular spot for the fourth. I've gone a few years, and every time, the beach is crammed full of people. And I'm not at all a big crowd person, so this is pretty much my fill of public beaches for the year, But the day in itself is worth it.


Whenever we go, we make a long day of it. We get up early, pack a lunch, then drive the two hours to get a parking spot and beach spot before everything fills up. We stay on the beach all day, playing catch, bumping a volleyball, reading, visiting, going for walks, taking naps, and so on and so forth. You get the idea. Then, when it's getting to be supper time, we load everything back into the car, change into our patriotic clothes, and head to Culver's to eat before fireworks. Grand Haven is pretty well known for their fourth of July fireworks, so this year we dropped our blankets off and saved a spot to come back to. I'd recommend doing that maybe even at the start of your day, because man, does it crowd up fast.

The fog rolled in shortly after we got there, and stayed pretty much all day. You couldn't see even halfway down the beach, nor could you see the end of the pier when you stood at the start. It was weird.

Off to Culver's, where, after we ate we somewhat took over the patio and had a mini salon thing going on with chalk.

As usual, we weren't the only ones who bombed to Grand Haven for the day. We ran into everyone at Culver's, and were pumped when the boys happened to have their guitars with them. And impromptu jam session took place between supper and the fireworks, and turned out to be the highlight of the day.

One of the workers ended up on parking lot duty, but I don't think he minded, as he stood there looking away but tapping his fingers along to the music.

And of course, the fireworks. Always impressive, even if you aren't much of a fireworks person.

Not sure how many more parts I'll have, but at least one more! Also, James & Katy's wedding will be posted in the near future!


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