summer: part two

a weekend downstate

The fourth of July weekend, a few of us girls bombed downstate, with plans of heading to Grand Haven for the fourth (which will be the next blog post!)


But I always feel bad going downstate because, now that I don't live there, I feel like I can never fit all that I want to do and all the people I want to see, in just a short weekend. And this is especially hard when there's little siblings at home. I don't want my visits to just blur into everything else for them, so now, whenever I make it home, I try to make a point of bringing the kids somewhere and spending time with them. Sometimes it's as simple as the park, other times it's a bit more elaborate, like the Hands-On Museum in Ann Arbor. This particular weekend, I had all day Friday to spend, so we decided to go check out the Splash 'n Blast at Kensington.

Cami and Jay were a little disappointed that they were too short to go down the slide, especially once they heard how much fun Arik and Tad were having on it. Maybe next time

Once they all got sick of the water, we dried off, ate a snack, changed into dry clothes, and headed across the park to the petting farm. 

This cute old guy. There was a group of young adults, in their active wear, playing cricket on one of the fields in the park, and this guy went up to bat (is that the term for cricket?) He didn't exactly fit in with his dress clothes and grey hair, but he looked like he was having a blast!

These boys have been asking me for awhile when I'm going to get this blog post up, and I think it's mostly because they want to show their older brothers this car they spotted in the parking lot. 

Arik pointed out that all of the goats have rectangular pupils, which is something I've never noticed before.

Hopefully I'll have part three up soon!


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