summer: part four

a day at fort wilkins

When I was in elementary school, my family spent a weekend in Mackinac City, and there just so happened to be a reenactment at Fort Michilimackinac that same weekend. There were Indian soldiers and families, along with the settler soldiers and families, and they reenacted everything! Daily life, games that were played, battle scenes, everything! To an elementary school kid who had never seen anything like it, that fort was the coolest thing, and I've been wanting to go back to something like it ever since. (If you didn't already know that I'm slightly nerdy, now you do!)

This summer, it just so happened that while I was driving to work one day, I heard  on the radio that there was an encampment and reenactment at Fort Wilkins in Copper Harbor that weekend. As you might imagine, and I was pumped! Especially since the family was still up, and because Arik, one of my younger brothers, has been loving history lately, so I wouldn't have to be the only nerdy one there! Score!

Turns out, the family had already done their Copper Harbor loop earlier that week while I was working (cons of growing up), but I convinced them to skip the fort so we could go on the weekend, and they did. It ended up being HOT, but it was such a fun day!

None of us had ever been to the fort before, so we checked out everything. On the way in you pass by the bakery, which was kind of cool. Crazy how much they had to make for everyone that lived there!

I'm not usually a history nerd, but oh, do I love this stuff! I think it's mostly the clothes that get me. SO cool!

They demonstrated battle drills, along with their rifles and cannons, which was pretty cool. Not sure how into the kids really were, but we were all glad to sit in the shade for a bit. As I said, it was HOT. I don't know how everyone didn't go crazy in those costumes.

The kids all thought I was crazy when I said that this guy looked just like Teddy Roosevelt. Must be the mustache...

Once the demonstrations were over, a bunch of the kids went back to the van to eat and get out of the sun. But I noticed they were starting a medical demonstration, and was immediately intrigued, so I got Arik and a few of the other kids to stay and watch with me.

The guy doing the explaining was pretty funny. He kept cracking jokes throughout his 'surgery,' and he had the whole crowd leaning in to see what he was doing right before he cut the leg off and threw it right in front of them. There were a bunch of screams as everyone jumped back, completely caught off guard. Being on the side, we got a pretty big kick out of it. (The leg is fake. I promise.)

We made a few stops on the way back home. Every beach we passed was busy because of the heat, so we stopped at the sand hills instead. These kids are easy to keep happy, give them something to flip off of, and they'll stay entertained for a long time.

By the time we left the dunes, we were all more than ready to get out of the sun and into some water, so we stopped at the Eagle River Falls. Turns out, there's a little beach up at the top and the water's deep enough to jump into, which ended up being perfect as every other beach in the Keweenaw was packed.

And now I'm missing these summer days more than ever.

That's it for my summer posts, as I don't really have many more pictures or adventures that the kids want to see. (These posts are mostly for them, so that they have access to the pictures and stories from their summer.) I can't believe I got them all done this week! And I'm not even behind on school work! Granted, it is only week two, but still!

Now back to wedding pictures for me. Stay tuned, as James and Katy's wedding post is almost ready!


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