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I've been busy. Between school and work and holidays and pictures, I've had no time for blogging. So this is my attempt to catch up. I'll have session posts coming, hopefully in the near future, but as for my real life, this is what I've been up to.

Starting with Thanksgiving, the first real break from school that I had all first semester. It was much needed. I traveled downstate Friday, getting home before the kids had gone to bed. Jay was so excited that it was supposed to snow that night. The weathermen were predicting 5 to 10 inches by morning, but being that there was nothing falling yet, I had my doubts. Needless to say, Jay was beyond excited to wake up the next morning and find the ground completely covered. We spent much of that weekend outside playing.

By Tuesday the snow had mostly melted, and we were getting bored, so Pinterest came to the rescue. I found a recipe for Christmas ornaments, and although they didn't turn out quite as well as we had hoped, we had fun with them.

Scrabble seemed to be the game of the week. Speed Scrabble especially.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. Friday consisted of shopping with my mom and sisters, and Saturday I shot my first solo wedding(!!!). And then it was back up north for finals. The last few weeks of the semester consisted of a lot of candles, a lot of caffeine, and a lot of late nights.

The beginning of winter was weird up here. We didn't get much snow at all until right before I headed home for Christmas. The above picture was taken the 10th of December, while I was barefoot in the front yard. The below pictures are from the 15th.

And then it was back home for Christmas. I didn't pull my camera out much, as I tend to prefer to just soak in life while I'm home, but I had to document Christmas day. We had absolutely no snow. The thought of a brown Christmas was a bit of a bummer at first, but then we all realized that we could spend the day outside, so it all worked out.

We got a slack line as a family gift. Most of us were lined up in the backyard before breakfast, testing it out.

Cami was excited about her new bike, with its fancy pink streamers. Most of the bikes we've had have been garage sale bikes or 'boy colors,' so a brand new pink bike was pretty special. Especially considering her and Jay had just recently learned how to ride two-wheelers.

One of my favorite pictures of the year:

Our other family gift was a skeet thrower, so Sunday afternoon a bunch of us piled in the van and went out and shot guns. It was freezing, but we had a blast.

And then it was back up north for the new year, then back to work, and back to school. And already I'm looking forward to the end of this semester.


I've still extremely busy with school and editing, but I'm hoping to have a few more posts up in the near future, so check back!



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