Charley and Kaitlin

School and work and life have been keeping me busy lately and blogging has kind of fallen to the bottom of my to-do list. But I have a few things that I want to share, so I'll see what I can get posted in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed I can do it all! First up.

Charley and Kaitlin got married on a cold and windy day back in November. This was another wedding that I second shot for Larissa (her blog post of the day can be found here.) We started the day out at the church, where the girls were getting ready.

(I was in a bit of a black and white mood picking out pictures for this post. Not sure why.)

Charlie and Kaitlin wanted the first time they saw each other on their wedding day to be when Kaitlin was walking down the aisle. So that's how they did their first look. After getting ready, Charlie arrived at the church, and the rest of us left to the location of the bridal party pictures. So the first time that Charlie and Kaitlin saw each other on their wedding day, there was no one else around. Just Charlie standing at the front of the church, and Kaitlin walking down the aisle towards him. And even though I wasn't there to witness it, I know the moment was so, so special. 

Have a great weekend, all!


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