Brett and Kelly

Brett and Kelly got married on a gorgeous Saturday back in May, and I loved so much about their day. The colors were so bright and springy, there were some awesome DIY projects incorporated into the wedding, everyone was so friendly and cheerful and attentive...such a fun day with such a beautiful couple.

These adorable shoes! Kelly's sister Laura found a necklace to attach to the blue and liven them up. So creative, and so cute! And the bouquets? Kelly ordered the flowers, and the bridesmaids all put together their own, using Pinterest and Youtube! Such a fun project, and they all turned out so cute!

While we were waiting for the bridal party to arrive, we went ahead and did the Halonen family pictures.


The youngest of the brothers. We had to get a picture of just these three, since their handiwork would be put on display at the reception. They helped Brett and Kelly out by making display/holders for the donuts!

Brian, Kendra, Ben, Patrick, and Iris.

Keith, Jenna and Miley.

Ben's hard earned piece of gum at the end of posing for pictures. It's hard work sometimes :)

Lisa, Shauna, Kendra, Kelly, Kelly, Laura, and Mara. I mentioned that someone should tell a joke and get everybody laughing so that smiles wouldn't feel as forced. Miss Mara's joke did the trick :)

The bridesmaids skirts were made by Karissa Kastamo, and they turned out so cute! I loved the color combination of the skirts and the flowers!

I felt bad for the girls, freezing in their tank tops, while I got to wear my big bulky sweater. But I had talked to Natalie that morning, and it was snowing for the wedding she was shooting back in the Yoop, so we were thankful we just had a bit of a chill and nothing more.

Shannon, Laura, Kelly, Mary, and Hannah.

It always makes me laugh when the gromsmen have their own pose ideas. But I love it.

Tommy, Bruce, Dan, Brett, Bryan, and Ross.

Dan's been the usher in a few of his siblings' weddings, and was pretty pumped to be the best man, although he made sure Kelly got the most attention, referring to her throughout the day as Brett's princess. What a guy.

Kelly's sister Lisa made the cake. So cute.

I'm so jealous of people with pretty handwriting. Kelly's sister Laura wrote the names on all of the placecards. And they were beautiful.

The previously mentioned donut holders. So handy and so impressive!

Thank you, Brett and Kelly, for allowing me to witness and capture your big day! I hope married life has been treating you well :)



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