Alan and Janelle

Although Alan and Janelle's was my third wedding of 2016, Janelle was the first of those three brides to ask me to be her photographer. This was back in November, when I had just shot my first solo wedding, and I still wasn't completely sure what I was getting myself into. I wasn't sure if my pictures were good enough, if I trusted myself enough, if I had enough experience to really do my own weddings. So before I said yes to Janelle, I told her to go through my previous wedding posts, look at my photos, and make sure that she really wanted me to capture her day. Because, you guys, wedding photos are kind of a big deal.


After the wedding day passes, the photos are the only things that are going to really last. And not just for a few weeks or months or years, but generations. They're the pictures that get hung up on walls, or tucked away into photo albums. They're the pictures that the grandparents and grandkids will want to see. They're the things that stick around. That's a big deal, and that's a lot of pressure. And I've always been an overthinker, but when I'm asked to shoot a wedding, I want the couple to be sure that I'm the one they want. I want them to be comfortable with my style and my ability. And it's hard to be comfortable and confident in someone who really doesn't have all that much experience, which is why I was so honored that Janelle said yes. Yes, she went through my previous weddings, and yes, she knew I had only been second shooting for a year, and yes, she wanted me to be the photographer at her wedding.


And I am so glad that they decided to take that risk with me, as their day was absolutely beautiful. Alan and Janelle and the rest of the bridal party were such a joy to be around, and so much fun to photograph. I really loved this day.


Since this was an out-of-town wedding, and none of my photographer friends were available to travel and second shoot, I convinced my mom and sisters to come and stay the weekend with me. And once they decided to come, I convinced Megan to be my second shooter. She was hesitant, saying I probably wouldn't like any of her pictures, she wasn't that great at adjusting the settings in manual mode, and so on, but I assured her that if nothing else, at least she would be keeping me company. Because I had two cameras and we were swapping back and forth throughout the day, I'm not always sure who took which pictures. But know that Megan's are intermixed throughout the rest of the blog post, and that she did an amazing job.

This was my first time in Zion, and I really wasn't sure what to expect. I had no idea what the town was like, or where good spots for photos were. Janelle suggested this park for bridal party photos, and it worked out absolutely perfect.

I loved that they used their engagement photos to create the guest book! Such a fun way to incorporate those pictures, and make the guest book a little more fun to look back on!

The Scheck family:

And the L'Esperance family:

One of the most intense bouquet tosses I've seen in quite awhile...

Thanks again, Alan and Janelle, for taking the risk with me, and allowing me to capture your big day. I wish you both the absolute best that married life has to offer!



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    Anonymous (Wednesday, 16 November 2016 16:11)

    Sara you do awesome work! I'm always amazed at how good your photos are for the little amount of experience you have! There's so many new photographers these days, but it's so easy to see that you actually have an eye & talent for photography through your photos. :)