Mark and Becca

Now that Christmas is over, and Christmas cards have (hopefully) all been sent out, I can share some of the family sessions I shot over the summer! First up, Mark and Becca's kiddos.



Becca was one of the very first people to ask me to take pictures for her, back when I was still learning the camera and sharing all of my pictures on my personal Facebook page. Looking back on those pictures now, I cringe a little at my shooting and editing. Although my photos are still nowhere near perfect, it's nice to see how far they've come since that first semi-legit photo session. Progress is always a good thing!


Also fun? Seeing this beautiful family growing! Since that first session, the family has grown by one, with another on the way! So exciting for them to have a new baby in the family, (and for me to have a new little cousin!)



The oldest in the family, beautiful Ali.


Braden, the oldest of the boys


Then Jake


and finally, Austin. I love photographing kids this age. Too young to be self conscious of the camera, but old enough to show expressions. And the eyes. Ooohh the eyes. (I'm embarrassing when I edit photos sometimes. You should have heard how excited I was when I converted these photos to black and white. It was really, really hard for me to decide which ones to keep in color for the blog post.)

I always encourage Mom and Dad to get in at least a few pictures, once the camera's out. It's always nice to have a complete family photo, if not for your sake, at least for the kids! I still love looking through our old family photos and seeing what my parents looked like at different stages of my life! And, I won't let them go anywhere online without your approval :)

Thanks guys, for letting me interrupt your day at the lake to make you follow my instructions for an hour!



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