Mark and Anne


One of the things I've noticed about life since I've graduated and moved out, is when you live alone and spend most of your time with people your own age, you don't feel like you're getting much older. Life is just kind of going, and you're still growing up, but not nearly as quickly as you used to, because you're no longer counting up by grade or down by the years until you can get your license or graduate. Time doesn't seem to pass as quickly.


But then, you surround yourself with people you haven't seen in awhile, and all of the sudden, you're all too aware of how much time has passed since the last time you blinked. This happens every time I see my own siblings, but was especially true when I visited Mark and Anne's family to take their pictures this past summer. We're neighbors for a few weeks every summer, since they share time at the camp next door, and this year, I just couldn't believe how old everyone was! In all of my summer memories, us older ones were the kids, in and out of the lake, playing lightning at the basketball net on the driveway, going back and forth between camps. And the younger ones, well, they were babies and toddlers. And now, all of the sudden, here we are. Crazy.



While I was doing the family picture and school pictures, we squeezed in a senior session with Luke, but I'll save those for a separate blog post, closer to graduation. As for the school kids...












And sweet Kiina


One of the boys, and one of the girls


And one more in the field across the road.


Thanks, Mark and Anne, for having me! And thank you to all you kids, for cooperating way better than my siblings ever do!



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