Jason and Mandy

I met up with Jason and Mandy's family back in July, for a quick family session out at McLain's. Mandy had been wanting a family picture that she could print as a canvas for her wall, and with two four-month old additions, well, it was the perfect time to get it done!


While Mandy was getting the twins changed and ready, the older kids were having fun down by the water.  Naturally, I followed, which helped warm them up to me and the camera. (I'd like to pretend that was the real reason, but truthfully, it was just the more fun option for me!) Mandy didn't request candid pictures or individual school pictures with her session, but well, when you have cute kids who'll let the photographer take pictures of them having fun? Yup, those pictures get included in your gallery!

Yeah, those solo shots? I didn't even have to request those, they were just offered up! (Which also means that the smiles weren't forced out by the photographer, which is always a big win!)


Once everyone was ready, we did the family photos...

The kids are Devin, Vanessa, Damion, Ty, and the twins, Cody and Levi

Thanks again guys, I hope you enjoyed the evening at the beach as much as I did!



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