Ross and Jackie

When I first started blogging my photography, I really, really wanted to blog everything. I wanted to blog everything, but I especially wanted to blog the weddings. Because weddings aren't like other photo sessions. They aren't just a short little snippet of a day, and they aren't meant to just simply capture what you look like this year. Wedding days are a story, and once the day passes, the photos and the memories are all that live on. And I don't know about you, but I think that makes the photos all the more special.


So I want blog the weddings and share the stories. Not only for me, or my future clients or my loyal blog readers. But for the families and friends who weren't able to attend the wedding, and the ones who just want to relive that day over and over again.


But of course, all of this sounds lovely without telling the whole story. Which is that blogging is a chore. It's time consuming to sort through a whole days worth of photos. It takes time to upload all of those photos to your website. It takes time to organize and sort them into a format that tells the story, and then, once all of that is done, it takes time to go through the post and try your best to put words with the images. As much as I sometimes wish it didn't, it all takes time. Time that, quite frankly, is often better spent on other things, which causes blogging to fall to the wayside.


But, because weddings and stories and happy days are oh so important to me, regardless of how much time it takes, I'm going to keep blogging them. Even if it takes a few days short of a year.


So Ross and Jackie, and anyone else who may have been waiting for this particular blog post, your wait is over. Here's your wedding story.

There was so much joy in this day. And that's how I hope that it's remembered. That you smile as you recall the smiles that you had.

Casual fist bump.

Shout out to the aunt with the sewing kit in her purse who came to the rescue!

Thank you, Ross and Jackie, for giving me the honor of witnessing and capturing your special day. I hope that married life has been everything you ever dreamed of, and so much more.



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