In honor of her new website launch(!!!!) and because I never got around to blogging these, and also because I'm really, really excited for warm weather again, Natalie is on the blog today! I met this girl when I moved to the Yoop for college four years ago, (although we had a brief Facebook messenger conversation a few years prior (anyone else love reading through your old Facebook or IM messages?!)) and she's become one of my closest friends in the time since. We're so similar in so many ways, but we're also completely different in so many others. One of the major differences? She looks WAY better in front of a camera than I do.


These pictures are from last summer, when Natalie came to visit me in Wyoming over the fourth of July weekend. Naturally, with both of us being photographers, we had to take a break from hiking and scoping out the cowboys to do a photoshoot, and the hour or so before the Fourth of July rodeo was when we made it happen!

The mountains didn't show up in the background quite as we had hoped they would, but that dreamy light is almost even better.

Congrats on your website launch Natalie! And to everyone who hasn't yet, go check it out, she does beautiful work!




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    Natalie Carolyn (Wednesday, 08 August 2018 11:17)

    Where have I been! Just seeing this now! LOVE these dear, you are so talented! :) <3 Miss you!