Bret and Mary


I met Bret and Mary to take their engagement pictures when I was in Minnesota between my May weddings, and it was one of those sessions where I spent the whole time grinning away behind my camera, absolutely in love with their love. I sound cheesy, I know, but seriously. The way these two look at each other. The way they joke and laugh and talk. You can't help but love them...


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Al and Janelle


For the next five weekends I'll be shooting and second shooting weddings between Minnesota, Illinois, and Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas. I am oh so ready for the break from school and papers and exams, and I can't think of any better way to spend it than with a camera in hand, witnessing life and love and happy days! I still can't believe...


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James and Katy


Katy has been a part of my life since before I can remember. Being first cousins, only a year apart, and growing up in the same town, we spent quite a bit of time together. When our moms would drop us off at each others houses for the day, or on Sunday's after church, we would often play barbies in the attic or dolls in the basements, spending hours on end pretending to be grownups...


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