Jason and Mandy


I met up with Jason and Mandy's family back in July, for a quick family session out at McLain's. Mandy had been wanting a family picture that she could print as a canvas for her wall, and with two four-month old additions, well, it was the perfect time to get it done!


While Mandy was getting the twins changed and ready, the older kids were...


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Mark and Anne


One of the things I've noticed about life since I've graduated and moved out, is when you live alone and spend most of your time with people your own age, you don't feel like you're getting much older. Life is just kind of going, and you're still growing up, but not nearly as quickly as you used to, because you're no longer counting by up grade or down by the years until you can get your license or graduate. Time doesn't...


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Mark and Becca


Now that Christmas is over, and Christmas cards have (hopefully) all been sent out, I can share some of the family sessions I shot over the summer! First up, Mark and Becca's kiddos.


Becca was one of the very first people to ask me to take pictures for her, back when I was still learning the camera and...


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my people


Wednesday we got our Christmas card picture taken and out of the way. When I do our family picture, it's a bit of a process. The camera gets set up on the tripod and everyone gets told where to stand. Then I take a few test shots, take my place, and use the remote to snap the picture. And when the remote doesn't work, we call mom and have her come down from the house and push the button for us. And sometimes we...


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i miss these people


Since I have time on my hands for the first time in forever, and since I just realized that I never blogged these pictures, here's another post! Two days in a row!


This is our annual Christmas card/school picture photo shoot, which we did at the end of our road the weekend before I moved up...


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Al & Janet


Before I moved out I had a few sessions that I managed to squeeze in. This was one of them, but I have been so busy with school and processing other pictures, that I've fallen way behind on blogging. But I'm trying.


Al and Janet are my aunt and uncle, and their kids are both my first and second cousins, on opposite sides of the family. They're always...


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Ken & Liz

My family was out of town for a few weeks while I was home working, so it worked out perfectly that my Aunt Liz called for a family session. I was getting a little bored of evenings home alone, just me, my coffee, and my editing so it was fun to have my cousins be my photography subjects and...


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