I wish I could say that I'm so caught up on blogging that this is a 2018 senior, but nope. Megan just graduated from Howell High School last weekend.




It's hard for me to be away during the school year, and not be at home when all of the siblings are growing up. Megan graduating, Kaylin getting confirmed, Tyler turning 16 and driving, another...


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My second and only other senior session for the class of 2016 was my brother Andy. In typical guy/younger brother fashion, he wasn't too into sitting in front of the camera for me, which worked out, as this ended up being one of the hottest days of the summer, and thus, a very short session. And I do give him props for being in jeans and a long sleeve, considering I had just come out of the lake and had my...


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Laura was one of just two senior sessions I did for the class of 2016. I met her before I moved away for college, when she took over the job that I was leaving, and it was so fun to meet up a year later, and to catch up on what had happened in life. I had so much fun spending the morning snapping pictures between the talk and laughter...


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